2019 Fashion Style: Fringe, Neon Colors, and the New Trendy Clothing and Shoes Color - Red!

Fringe is in style for 2019, and cowboy style in designer clothing will be fading fast

After studying the fashion trends for 2019 I would like to make a prediction - the cowboy style will not be staying around for the ride after 2019, and probably will begin to lose favor as a fashion clothing throughout  2019.

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Why? Well I noticed that the "fringe" style was being shown with cowboy designer clothing, and that fringes are being touted more than cowboy wear. Also, a more dramatic style like cowboy clothing doesn't usually stay in style more than a season and a half. 

Fringe being in style will allow people to parlay their cowboy accoutrement into a fashionable outfit in 2019, but I would not expect it to be here in 2020. Bottom line - it's probably not a good idea to purchase the cowboy style in 2019 because it will likely be out of style soon.

Neon colors are still in style for 2019

Neon designer fashion colors will probably stay in fashion and increase in popularity until at least the end of 2019

Neon colors on the other hand are a completely different story. Neon rose to recent popularity in 2018, and we are continuing to see it on the runway in 2019. I predict that we will see a few neon colors being the "it" color in 2019 through the end of 2020 - if we're lucky, because it's a fun fashion choice.

Pink neon and red colors are in fashion for women's designer clothes

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Pink has been a fashionable color for designer clothing since "Millenial Pink" became popular around 2016 - 2017. Then in 2018 neon pink and neon colors in general started to become popular. Now for fashion in 2019 neon color have a definite place in the fashion world. One bright new addition is red. A bright, red neon color is a good choice to add stylish touches to designer fashion women's clothing in 2019. 

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