Winter White and Fashionable Style Ideas

Fashion Trends and Style for Winter - Wearing white clothes when it's cold outside

Is it ok to wear white clothing in the Winter?

We can't wait for the summer to come back. In fact, yesterday we noticed a lot of winter white, especially in white ski vests.  

Which brings us to today's blog post - when is it ok to wear Winter White?

Fashion Trends for 2019 - Luxewow Premium Outlets Designer Stores

Clothing style matters more than the color of the clothes

How to mix and match designer clothing style trends and fashion color 

The style of designer fashion clothing is most important.  If you would like to go to a semi formal stylish event in winter and wish to wear a designer dress don't wear a white fashion designer dress with spaghetti straps. Instead save that for your summer style and choose to wear a fashionable designer little black dress - which you can find at our store, (we have great litle black dresses and formal designer maxi dresses for women!)

However, at the end of Spring, when it starts to get a little warmer, this white wool stretch shift camisole dress by Dolce and Gabbana would be very appropriate. 

 Want to wear your white now in the winter? Warm up in this white wool kit cardigan shawl by Costume National - on sale at Luxewow Premium Outlet Stores and Designer Outlets . This shawl is an off white designer color so it qualifies for a new fashion trend for 2019, earth tones.

2019 Spring Fashion Trends to watch

It's time to prepare for another fashion season, so what will be the fashion trends to watch for in 2019?  Read our previous blog for the lates fashion news and stay tuned for our future Luxewow Designer Stores fashion blog posts to find out more! 



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