Fall 2018 Fashion Tips Blog Part 7: Comfort Clothing and Boots

Finding Your Fall Fashion Comfort Clothing and Boots

Making Yourself a Comfort Wardrobe

Comfort food is good, wholesome and satisfying. It reminds you of happy times, restful days, when everything is good in life. 

At Luxewow we think that there is such a thing as comfort clothing as well. Fashionable, perfectly satisfying in the softness of the fabric, enveloping you in cloud - like comfort. Looking great but allowing for flow and movement. Fashion today is providing more and more designer comfort clothing.

We all have that great sweatshirt we reach to when we want to spend a day in. But why should feeling good be limited to bulky clothing? What about a perfect designer dress, pants, scarf and gloves you can wear when going out that somehow looks great and feels good at the same time? Boots that protect you from the elements and at the same time are cute, trendy, classic, or whatever style you choose?

In our fashion blog today we are going to discuss how important it is to have "comfort clothing" that also looks great. Who knows, maybe we can even substitute it every now and then for that great comfort food!
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When You are Dressed Well the Fit is Right

One of the most important things about comfort clothing is that the fit does not constrain. It is not an amorphous mess either however. The best comfort clothing nourishes your soul with the beauty of its design. At the same time it shows you to your best classic or trendy advantage, protects your body and does not pull in the wrong places. There is no potential for wardrobe malfunctions if you lean over, or have to run to catch a cab, the bus, a co-worker who is headed up to the ping-pong table again, or your adorable new puppy. It adds some softness while making you feel great and allows you the freedom to move around quickly and easily.

Avoiding awkwardness, how to make sure your men's or women's shoes fit well

If it's a pair of designer women's or men's shoes the heels don't tilt you forward and the soles are made evenly so that your body is in alignment and properly balanced. The sides don't pinch. The pump shoes have the proper finishing so that the heels don't wear down too soon. When they do wear taps can be put on the heels to protect them and extend them for additional use, rather than just throwing them out.

Designer women's and men's shoes are often made with better quality materials in order to provide a great degree of fashionable comfort. The construction is also more detailed, taking into account many different things in order to provide a better fit. 

All About Boots - stylish slouch boots, riding boots, heeled boots, flat boots, cowboy boots, ankle boots

Flat boots

Perhaps the biggest comfort shoes trend over the past 5 years has been with fashionable flat boots. We think it may have started with the Ugg boots trend, then transformed into knee high flat riding saddle boots. However where heeled boots were more popular in earlier decades, flat boots seem here to stay. At least for the next 5 years or so. But we don't think that women in their 20's and up will ever go completely away from flat boots. Most stylish women will probably always want a pair of flat boots because they are just too comfortable, practical and classic to ever give up. 

Flat boots in general are some of the most comfortable boots for women. We like these brown leather DOLCE AND GABBANA boots which are available at our designer shoe outlet.

Dolce & Gabbana Brown Leather Boots Mid Calf Boots for Women Designer Shoe Outlet Sale
Dolce & Gabbana
Designer Brown Leather Mid Calf Boots for Women


Mid calf, knee high riding boots, and ankle boots

Mid calf and knee high flat boots are great because they protect you from the rain, sleet, snow and cold weather. They keep you dry and comfortable during Fall and Winter. Lower ankle flat boots started to become more stylish in 2017. But while we were starting to think "not another pair of knee high riding boots", we also realized that they were something we could not give up. 

Lasso up your cowboy boots this Fall

Of course now for Fall Fashion 2018 we have another option - Cowboy boots. Whew! They provide some of the same great things as fashionable riding boots without always feeling like you are about to have a tea party. In Fall 2018 embrace your inner cowgirl and buy a pair of cowboy boots to wear when you want to give those riding boots a rest. After all, the western trend is in style.

These DOLCE AND GABBANA boots are a great example of a cowboy boot inspired design in a heeled boot.  Pretty and a great addition to your wardrobe. However due to the heel we would not put it in the utimate "comfort clothing" category. 

Dolce and Gabbana Boote Red Roses Crystal Gold Heart Red Gold Black Leather Boots Shoes for Women on SALE Discount Designer Footwear Outlet Warehouse Store

Dolce & Gabbana
Roses Crystal Gold Heart Red Gold Black Leather Boots Shoes for Women


Women's Rubber Designer Rain Boots

Cute, perky, and stylish knee high women's designer rubber rain boots are more in fashion than ever, thanks in part to knee high riding boots which they slightly resemble. We think that these rubber rain boots are a must have for any stylish woman in Fall and Winter 2018!

At Luxewow's online Designer Footwear Outlet Warehouse Store we have many beautiful women's designer rubber rain boots. such as these DOLCE AND GABBANA women's rain boots

 Dolce and Gabbana Boots Red Roses Women's Designer Rubber Rain Boots Designer Shoe Warehouse SALE


Dolce & Gabbana
Red Roses Women's Designer Rubber Rain Boots


 Dolce & Gabbana Women's Black Polka Dot Rubber Rain Boots

Dolce & Gabbana
Women's Black Polka Dot Rubber Rain Boots


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