Handbags for every occasion

How many handbags do you need in order to be prepared for anything? Read today's Luxewow designer fashion blog where we unpack what you need to be prepared for any stylish occasion!

Designer Shoulder Bags for Women

We think that the single most important type of bag for your well dressed wardrobe is the designer shoulder bag. This bag is the most versatile of the bags for women. If you are going to invest in just one bag, we suggest that you buy a well made designer shoulder bag from a designer like Dolce and Gabbana, Coach, or Cavalli.  Make sure that it is large and roomy enough to hold your wallet, hair brush, and make up bag plus anything important you may need to carry. You may choose a small clutch bag for your main bag, however we prefer a roomier designer shoulder bag because it holds what you need for the entire day, rather than just a few hours. While we are not overly concerned wtih matching your every day handbag with your shoes, your designer bag should coordinate well with the flat shoes or ballerina flats that you most frequently wear. 


A Smaller, Cute Shoulder, Purse or Clutch Bag with Some Type of Elevated Design

The next type of women's designer bag that we recommend purchasing is a smaller, cute designer shoulder bag, purse, or clutch bag that can be worn with dresses, skirts, or more formal pants and shorts. We like the great selection of inexpensively priced designer handbags from Moschino. These cute bags are smaller shoulder bags which look similar to clutch bags, but have special detailing such as quilting, and as the construction of the bag's shape is more structured it lends itself well to slightly more formal events. Luxewow carries quilted Moschino bags online in a variety on colors at greatly discounted prices (since we are online we can sell our designer handbags for less than department stores). All of our handbags are new, authentic, and come with the designer's orginal tags to verify their  authenticity. 

Moschino Red Quilted Designer Evening Handbag Shoulder Bag

A Great Evening Bag for Special Events

Finally, a great evening bag for special events is an important type of bag for every women to have in her wardrobe. Although it may not be worn very often, there are events where your go - to cute, smaller bag just won't work. We recommend purchasing a great evening bag in black, mutlicolored black or neutral, or a statement color like red which coordinates with or matches your formal shoes. That way you will be ready for any event at the drop of a hat!

 Dolce and Gabbana Red Silk Clutch Designer Evening Bag




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