Foundations of Fashion Today

When we think about fashion today and what to buy to make the most stylish and well put together outfit, it's good to consider a few important points, one of which is quality:

What is the quality of the article of clothing, pair of shoes, hat, belt, etc?


Quality is one of the most important items to consider when creating an outfit that is well put together. Making sure your clothing is well sewn and your pump shoes, ballerina flats, sneakers, or oxfords are well made will transform a so-so item of apparel into one that you will choose again and again each day.

Think about a favorite jacket you have - chances are that it's one of your highest quality garments because you know you will be relying on it for many different occasions. You should have several articles of clothing, a few pairs of shoes, and a great evening bag, handbag or purse that you can reach for and know that it will elevate your outfit and be dependable all day. Designer clothes, shoes for men and women, pump heels, sandals, handbags, purses, messenger bags, and other designer items are often made of high quality leather and other fabrics. This is one reason why it make sense for both men and women to buy designer apparel in fashion today.

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Although you may skimp on the fabric and pay less, it will make your overall outfit look less refined. Even when choosing sport items like sneakers and sweatshirts it's important that the fabric is well made. The weave should always be even and uniform. 


In Style

Being in style is subject to interpretation. Apparel which was super trendy 10 or more years ago is probably not considered fashionable or in style today. However a classically styled pair of shoes, handbag, or other type of apparel will always be fashionable, although maybe not trendy in fashion today.


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