Fashion Tips: Fall 2018 Fashion Trends Fashion Blog Part 2: Sequins in Fashion Today

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends and Tips - Sequins are hot!

The sequin trend in women's clothing and handbags for ladies arrived years ago , and it is more fashionable and in style than ever. Sequins in fashion today are in clothes and women's designer handbags, but also in women's shoes such as pumps shoes and espadrilles, men's shoes like loafers and designer sneakers, and other fashionable apparel and accessories for men and women.

Sequins are hotter than ever in 2018 Fall Fashion and here are some fashion tips for men and women on how to use sequins in designer wear more fashionably than ever. 

In yesterday's blog post we discussed sequins and other Fall Fashion trends for 2018. Click on the link below to read yesterday's Fashion Blog on designer style and trends in Fashion today.

Fashion Tips: Fall Fashion Trends for 2018 - What's chic, stylish and trendy this Fall? Part 1

LUXEWOW Fashion Blog: 2018 Fall Fashion Trend Cute, stylish, trendy looks in fashion for 2018 In style in fashion today
Designer Handbags
 for Women 

Sequins arrived on the fashion scene in women's designer handbags a long time ago. They have always been stylish for women's evening bags, such as in this cute and fashionable new evening bag for women by the stylish fashion designer Dolce and Gabbana

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Designer Shoes for Men and Women

Sequins in Designer Men's Shoes

Sequins are now in more and more designer products for men and women, not just women's handbags and designer apparel for women. 

These handsome men's designer shoes by Dolce and Gabbana have sequins on brocade material, giving a very luxurious finish for a high end fashionable look for any man. You can buy them online at our Premium Outlets for men and women, where we sell clothing, shoes, women's designer handbags, phone cases, phone trays, wallet trays, valets, catchalls, gifts for her, gifts for him, and other items at up to 80% off. 

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Designer Styles: Sequins in Women's Shoes

Sequins are a great fashion look for evening, and a good way to add them easily to your outfit is in shoes. Women's shoes have many different styles with sequins such as these gold and siver flat espadrilles by Dolce and Gabbana

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Women's designer heels and women's pumps shoes are also a great way to add sequins.
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Enjoy Sequins in Many Different Types of Fashion Today

Fashion today is not limited to one style in one type of item. So if you want to wear sequins in your designer shoes and pumps shoes, not just your evening bags, go for it! Since sequins are more dressy and attention getting, you want to make sure the your fashion style is still tasteful and not flashy.

Fashion today is very sophisticated. By choosing a good designer, like Dolce & Gabbana, and the shoe for the right time of day you can be assured that if you buy something with sequins it will still be tasteful.

Evening wear, such evening bags and the luxurious Black Velvet Red Roses Sequin Loafers by Dolce and Gabbana shown above, should still be worn in the evening and formal occasions. Day wear, such as a floral sundress, can be worn in the day. 

Designer sneakers for men and designer sneakers for women however have recently become  fashioniabe for formal and informal, business casual and dress wear, perhaps because designer sneakers are so comfortable and good to wear. 

These women's designer sneakers by fashion designer Dolce and Gabbana have gold studs which are similar to sequins.


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Sequin evening bags make an especially nice gift for her, since sequins are inherently very festive by nature.

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