Fashion Tips: How to buy the best pumps shoes Part 2 - Designer fit and quality

Pumps Shoes : Part 2

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Welcome back to our Luxewow designer shoe outlet Fashion Blog about pumps shoes

So now we have spoken a little bit about how versatile pumps shoes are and what an asset pumps shoes can be to your wardrobe. We hope you enjoying Part 1 on how to buy the best pumps shoes

Certainly a heel like pumps shoes that you can wear again and again in may different fashion seasons and different occasions is a great choice.

And designer pumps are an even better investment because not only are they versatile, but they will last longer, are constructed to provide better support to your feet, and if it they are leather pumps they can be stretched and may also gradually conform to the shape of your feet, providing you with a better fit for your pumps shoes heels.

We all know that the better your heels fit the happier you will feel, be and perform! So today we are going to talk about how to make sure your pumps shoes fit well. 


How to make sure your pumps shoes fit well and are comfortable 

Sometimes women opt to wear sneakers or flat shoes such as ballerina flats instead of heels. That's not always necessary although if you are going jogging or walking far distances while on vacation for example you will be better off choosing to wear sneakers! We also carry designer sneakers and flat shoes such as ballerina flats for women at our Premium Outlet and designer store. Ballerina flats add a sweet and cute look to any outfit of the day so they are a good choice. Pumps shoes are sometimes a more practical shoe to wear than sandal shoes however, and they are better for a wider variety of fashion seasons.

 Dolce & Gabbana Yellow Silk Brocade Bow Platform Pumps Shoes LUXEWOW Designer Shoe Outlet



Pumps shoes are usually considered more formal than flat shoes and always more formal than sneakers. They add a little more style and panache to your outfit.

Some women who are petite also like to wear pumps shoes because they add a little height. Wedge shoes and platform shoes also add height, but they are usually better for more casual occasions than pumps shoes.


Black Leather Wedge Shoes Pupii Dolls Dolce Gabbana Shoes Luxewow Premium Outlet



However these platform designer pumps by Dolce & Gabbana shoes combine both a pumps shoes style with a platform, adding even more height and style to your fashion outfit!

Dolce & Gabbana Black Silk Leather Platform Pumps Shoes at LUXEWOW Designer Shoe Outlet



The material matters in pumps shoes 

When women complain about pumps shoes not being comfortable it is often because the shoe does not fit correctly and it is made of a lower quality material. Good leather pumps can be stretched by a shoe maker or with a shoe stretcher you can purchase relatively inexpensively. It will also gradually conform to the shape of your foot over time. Unlike less expensive or synthetic materials high quality leather pumps can also be polished and moisturized to help maintain its durability, shape, color, and beauty over time. It's important that your pumps shoes fit well and are durable because you don't want a pumps shoes to slide off.



Dolce & Gabbana Pumps Shoes White Open Toe Leather Pumps Shoes LUXEWOW Designer Shoe Outlet



Dolce & Gabbana White Open Toe Leather Pumps Shoes LUXEWOW Designer Shoe Outlet



At our premium outlet for designer shoes we sell only first quality, new, authentic designer pumps so you can rest assured that you will be buying the best shoes available made of high quality materials. We sell leather pumps and also pumps  that are part leather and part synthetic, and some synthetic but high quality pumps shoes. The material of the women's shoe will be noted in the online description for the pumps shoes in our online designer store website.


Wear the proper size for your designer pumps 

One thing you should consider when wearing designer pumps or any pumps shoes is whether you are wearing the right size. You should never buy shoes that feel very uncomfortable and hope that they will stretch, although stretching them a little is possible. Your toes should not scrunch up at the front of the pumps shoes. They should lie flat in the shoes. If your toes currently feel tight in your shoe we recommend going up half a size and buying a full inner lining insert, partial inner lining insert, or heel insert if you need to fill up any space in the shoe.  It's important to have a proper fit for your pumps shoes because you don't want your feet to swell due to an improper shoe fit or to be wobbly because you can't stand flat in them. Although our pumps shoes are well constructed if you have a high instep you may like to purchase a hidden arch insert to put under your arch in your pumps shoes .

One trick to help ensure you get the best fit for your  is to check your shoe size at the end of the day when your feet may be more swollen. It is also good to wear different shoes during the week to give your designer pumps a chance to recover from the wear and provide your feet with a different shape of shoe so that if any part of the shoe is wearing against your foot, especially while your shoes are breaking in, it doesn't create any temporary irritations.


Treat your designer pumps well and they will last

It's important to wipe your designer pumps and polish them every now and then in order to keep them looking good and performing well. Likewise if the little plastic at the bottom of the pumps heel is wearing down, have it replaced by a shoemaker before it starts to wear into the pumps shoes. This will both help ensure that the investment you made in your pumps shoes lasts, and that you continue to have the best fit for your designer pumps!

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We hope you enjoyed this fashion blog on how to get the best fit for your designer pumps. Please visit our Designer Shoe Outlet to buy designer pumps from the best designer brands at our Premium Outlet Luxewow. We carry designer pumps and many different types of the best designer shoes for women and men!


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