Fashion Tips: Fall 2018 Fashion Trends Fashion Blog Part 4: Labor Day - the last hurrah of Summer fashion

Fall Fashion Tips for Men and Women -

For the fashionable and stylish man or woman moving effortlessly from Summer shorts and casual sandals to Fall sweaters and boots takes some skill.  It's easy to want to hold on to Summer clothes, shoes and handbags a little too long.  How do you go from Summer carefree to Fall fabulous fashionably?

Summer to Fall Fashion Tips for Men & Women


The Last Hurrah of Summer: Summer to Fall Fashion In Style

"Don't Wear White Shoes after Labor Day"

There used to be a saying that you shouldn't wear white shoes after Labor Day. Of course with the growing popularity of Winter White, which started a few decades ago, that changed. Perhaps it was because of the development of quicker, less expensive apparel and shoe manufacturing techniques, or even better white shoe and clothing dyes that led to this, but there was a change and Winter White shoes, as well as sweaters, bags, and coats are now commonly worn in the Fall and Winter. 

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However, Labor Day does mark a seasonal change, after Labor Day are the last days of Summer. People enjoy their end of Summer beach vacations, bring out the barbeque maybe for the last time, and relish the warmth of the Summer sun before the briskness of pumpkin spice weather arrives!


Longer Shorts and a Sweater 

One technique for breezing into cooler weather is the traditional long cargo shorts and sweater or sweatshirt weekend combination worn by college students and alumns well into.... well sometimes November. Call it bravado meant to impress, as in "Yes, of course I can take this cold weather - you mean you're actually COLD?", simplicity, or maybe even keeping the laundry basket lighter for even more time, but this traditional duo combines Summer carefree times with chillier practicality. 


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Women's Jeans and Dress Sandals

One of my favorite season merging techniques is to wear warmer jeans with summer dress sandal heels. Somehow this gives a fashionable appearance which is just right when you are in early Fall but don't want to relinquish your Summer wardrobe just yet.


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