What colors might help you feel good and perform well?

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The fashion colors you, your friends and work colleagues wear can affect more than you realize. Color actually affects mood. Wearing Spring colors and bright colors can lift spirits, while darker colors tend to add a formal and serious note to a work or any other environment.

Is there perhaps a hint of truth in saying that you are having "Shopping Therapy" when purchasing new clothes, shoes and bags? Maybe! The National Institute of Health has even researched how color can affect people. (1) I'm not advocating that you shop to lift your spirits, but nice designer clothing in beautiful colors can brighten up your day.


Is Color In Style? 

Color trends come and go but certain fashion colors seem to always be in style and popular in men's and women's designer clothing and other types of clothes as well.


Fashion Colors - Black - Little Black Dress


Fashion color works with style. A women's designer dress instantly becomes a little more classic when it's black. How much depends upon the fashion style of the women's dress. A Little Black Dress is one designer dress every woman should have in her wardrobe since it can be worn for many different events. A Little Black Dress can be worn as a cocktail dress, party dress, evening dress, or date night dress. It's very versatile and is often a favorite dress because it can be worn anywhere.

This Black Longsleeved Wiggle Pencil Dress by GF Ferre is a perfect example of a Little Black Dress. It fits well and there are some great style details at the wrists, waist, bodice and hem that in addition to looking great also help the dress to move with you and make it more comfortable. These things along with great quality fabric are some hallmarks of well made designer clothing. (More about the benefits of buying designer clothes, shoes and bags later in this blog article.) 


 Black Longsleeved Wiggle Pencil Dress by GF Ferre - Discount Outlet - Womens Dresses - Little Black Dress - Wiggle Pencil Dress - Black Designer Dress



Black Longsleeved Wiggle Pencil Dress by GF Ferre - A Great Example of a Little Black Dress!



Fashion Colors - Red Sneakers and Shoes


Fashion color even affects athletic performance. Red has been shown to increase both athletic performance and perceived performance (1) Think about that next time you buy a pair of sneakers - you may want to buy red sneakers like these Dolce and Gabbana sneakers!


 Red Sneakers - Designer Outlet - Men's Shoes - Women's Shoes - Sneakers - Red Sneakers - Athletic Wear


 Dolce and Gabbana Red, Black and Gray Leather Sport Sneakers



Fashion Colors - Blue and White

Men's Dress Shirts - Blue and White Dress Shirts


Blue has a calming affect. Blue also tends to be the most popular color, and because of this it's a fashion color that is always in style irregardless of the color trends. Perhaps this is why men's dress shirts historically have been primarily either men dress shirts in white (it goes with everything) or men's dress shirts in blue.  Here are two great Dolce and Gabbana dress shirts.



Dolce and Gabbana White Cotton Slim GOLD Formal Shirt | Designer Outlet - Men's Shirts - Dress Shirts - Dolce and Gabbana Shirts




 Men's Dress Shirts - Blue Shirts - Designer Shirts - Men's Blue Dress Shirts | Designer Outlet - Dolce and Gabbana- Dolce and Gabbana Shirts - Dolce and Gabbana Dress Shirts - Dolce and Gabbana Blue Dress Shirts


Dolce & Gabbana Blue Cotton GOLD Slim Fit Dress Shirt 



Blue pinstripes add more formality and an additional dimension to a blue dress shirt. As do white french cuffs.


Women's Blue Dresses

Blue dresses are a popular choice in women's clothing for the spring and summer. This blue asymmetric dress from Costume National has a fresh look that's perfect for Spring.


Blue Asymmetric Dress Costume Nationale C'N'C Blue Dress | Designer Outlet - Costume Nationale, Dolce and Gabbana and more designers


Fashion Colors - Pink - Men's Pink Dress Shirts


Men's pink dress shirts can make a suit seem less serious and the person wearing it more approachable. This pink Dolce and Gabbana dress shirt with pinstripes has a great look for Spring!


Dolce and Gabbana Pink Striped STAFF Regular Fit Dress Shirt | Designer Outlet - Men's Dress Shirts - Pink Shirt - Shirts for Men - Men's Shirts





Fashion Color and Designer Cufflinks


Designer cufflinks increase the level of formality of a designer dress shirt even more and add a luxurious fashion style.

Cufflinks are worn on formal occasions and sometimes to the office depending upon your business culture. Taking the cue from your manager is a good way to gage whether cufflinks are worn at your office. Men's designer cufflinks can add a nice touch to a formal event, an important client meeting (again, check first if they are worn), or a special formal event out on the town. Plain gold or silver cufflinks are the most conservative look. Here's a pair of gold brass cufflinks from Dolce and Gabbana.


Dolce and Gabbana Beige Silver Brass Rounded Cufflinks - Men's Jewelry - Cufflinks | Designer Outlet - Dolce and Gabbana - Menwear - Cufflinks


Dolce & Gabbana Silver Brass Rounded Cufflinks


Red, green, yellow or any other color of cufflinks can coordinate with your suit and stand out even more. 



Color Trends For Designer Bags, Clothes & Shoes 


For Spring, in general think of pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow and green for your designer clothes, shoes and handbags. These seem to bring a welcomed breath of fresh air after the cold winter weather. These Dolce and Gabbana Green Suede Strappy Platform Sandal Pumps are a great Spring color, and the suede material makes it a good transitional shoe for Spring.


Dolce & Gabbana  Green Suede Platform Sandals Pumps Stappy | Designer Outlet - Dolce and Gabbana Shoes For Women - Pumps - Sandals


Dolce and Gabbana Green Suede Strappy Platform Sandal Pumps


Designer Colors - Why Should You Buy Designer Clothing? 


The color dye for designer clothing, shoes and bags is usually brighter or more highly pigmented and lasts longer than a comparable non designer article of clothing, shoe or bag. Designer clothes, shoes and bags have upgraded fabric that keeps its shape while looking and feeling better as you go through your day at work or at home. We know you have a lot to do and we think enjoying the clothing you wear helps you perform your best. (1) 



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(1) "Studies on color and athletic performance have linked wearing red to better performance and perceived performance in sport competitions and tasks (see Maier et al., in press, for a review)."  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4383146/  

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